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Insightful Analytics & Actionable Intelligence

Social Media Analytics, Business Intelligence gives you insight

It's become common knowledge in business and IT circles that Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can help you rule the world.
But, it's also become apparent that BI has usefulness in a rather unexpected field - social media.
BI tools can be used to visualize data and examine trends in social media, which, could be highly benefical.

ERA of Social Network

The rise of social network promises great opportunities
in understanding our customers.

Understanding social media can help you to identify network coverage gaps,
enchance your services and improve the feedback reponse

Better Coverage

Social network data can serve engineering and operations team in several ways.

  • Identify network coverage gaps
  • Improve their service to key customers
  • Better address subscribers' concerns


Knowing your customer concerns is a key to improve services quality

Customer complaints on social networks can be another important data source for operators.
Disgruntled subscribers typically add a telling hashtag to their tweeted complaints

Know The right Influencer

Social network data can be used to identify and better serve influential subscribers.

These "influencers" have the potential to cause whole groups of people to switch mobile operator
on the back of a negative comment regarding network coverage

Insightful Analytics & Actionable Intelligence

Answering fundamental questions like these about your brand or a competitor, throught the use of social analytics,
can help you establish the key messages of your next marketing campaign.

To get insight about your business, we combined Business Intelligence (BI) with Social network analytics tool so you can consider your analyzed internal data with analyzed data from social media. With this combination, you can basically understand customer experience and enabling/ideating ways to enchance customer satisfaction. To increase ability to get insight of your business and your we also provide the analytic results visualization on ESRI map technology that will make you see more hidden trends and get more insight from your data.

Our solution will helps you establish the key messages of your next marketing campaign and make you seccess in your business.