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Why Monitor internet content?

Currently, simply keeping an internet log is not enough as it cannot be used to analyze usage behavior and differentiate between work or personal use. It is worth considering why so many organizations are willing to invest in internet content monitoring.

Employee Productivity :

Over 75 percent of companies expressed that monitoring their employees had helped them fight personal use of the internet during business hours.

Workplace Liability :

The legal requirements in Thailand mandate all companies or bodies that provide computer usage and internet access terminals to monitor a set of specified protocols.

Network Performance :

Rather than investing in greater bandwidth to increase the speed of the internet performance, most companies believes internet content monitoring is a more cost-effective solution.

Confidentiality and Trade Secret Concerns :

Ensuring corporate confidentiality is another oft-cited reason for using internet content monitoring technologies.

We Monitor Internet usage with...

Comply with Computer Crime Act B.E. 2550



Upload files



Why D2 Content Monitoring?

  • Monitor internet activity, including websites visited, web board postings, chat logs, files uploaded and downloaded and e-mails
  • Analyze employee usage to detect misuse of company resources
  • Generate summary reports to ease management and tracking
  • Alert and notify when there is inappropriate or abnormal internet usage

More Than Monitoring

Maximize employee's productivity

Saving Cost

Understand employee behavior

Comply Law Certify by Software Park

Monitor internet activities

by content

Monitor internet activities

of up to 91 protocols


User Interface, easy to use

Easy to setup

(no interference with client's current network)

Generate useful

management report

Provide Data Dictionary

for monitoring specific internet activities of the organization


when there is an inappropriate use of the internet


by Software Park